shining time station


this is one of the fifteen musical stories that frank vitale produced and directed for Shining Time Station. he also directed four one hour specials and a dvd special. see list below:

1 hour specials:

"Second Chances" with Jack Klugman

"Once Upon a Time" with Ed Begley Jr. & Didi Conn

“Queen for a Day” with Didi Conn

"Family Finish" with Didi Conn

Children's Musical Stories:

"Home" music by  Joe Riposo

"Kite Song" music by Kevin Roth

"Start Where You Are"


"Do It"

"Hobo Song"

"Better When…"

"Start All Over"



"Fishing Song"

"Missy Fussy"

"Johnny Appleseed"

“Thomas the Tank Engine Anniversary Special”




music by kevin roth

with Ringo Starr and

George Carlin

aired on PBS