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13 prize winning videos comprise the Saving Babies series which frank vitale inaugurated in 1983


Saving Babies: Putting Hope In Place

In June 2001, the March of Dimes launched the NICU Family Support Program, designed to help families cope with the daily struggles in the NICU. The Knox Family, recent graduates of March of Dimes NICU Family Support, share a story of life in the NICU, and how the Support Specialists help families cope with life in the NICU. In the six years since its inception, March of Dimes NICU Family Support has touched nearly 100,000 families, and is now in place in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Saving Babies: The Promise of Tomorrow

The March of Dimes has had and continues to have a legacy of research excellence. Featuring Anne Eleanor Roosevelt, the granddaughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, this video chronicles the March of Dimes 17 year triumphant battle to defeat polio and introduces two of today’s March of Dimes grantees who are doing cutting edge research into causes and preventions of the rising incidence of premature birth.

“I’ll Stand By You” Volunteer Recognition Video    

Set to the song by The Pretenders, this video is a montage for all aspects of volunteerism at March of Dimes.  The video recognizes WalkAmerica, March of Dimes Ride, Mother’s March, Advocacy, Signature Chef’s Auction, Charity Golf Tournaments, Jail & Bail, and Testimonials.

Saving Babies: A Foundation of Success

This is a revised version of the 1997 video with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, March of Dimes trustee and granddaughter of the March of Dimes founder, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Hosting this video, Anna Roosevelt informs the viewer of March of Dimes past accomplishments, present programs, and visions for the future.  Revisions include the omission of folic acid emphasis and the addition of a prematurity segment.

Saving Babies: An Uncertain Journey  

This is the story of three families and their encounter with premature birth.  It demonstrates the severity of the consequences of prematurity, tells what the March of Dimes is doing about the problem and urges the public to get involved by supporting the March of Dimes.

Saving Babies:  One Out of Eight

Powerfully demonstrates the frequency, seriousness, and cost of prematurity through the suffering of the babies, their families and the through the frustration of medical professionals who battle premature birth daily.

Saving Babies: Premature Birth, A Silent Crisis

Soledad O’Brien, co-anchor of the NBC Weekend Today show reports on America’s premature birth crisis. Interviews with a public largely unaware of the problem of prematurity are contrasted with the stories of three families who have experienced the tragedy of premature birth. In two of the stories adolescent girls struggle with life-long consequences like cognitive, speech and motor disabilities, vision impairments and cerebral palsy. The third child, a boy, dies after living only a few hours. The video ends with a child who represents our goal: born full term and in perfect health.

Saving Babies: We Believe

Committed volunteers from across the nation express their strong belief in the March of Dimes and its mission in the fast-paced and moving tribute to our organization.

You Are So Beautiful

Set to Joe Cocker's soulful "You Are So Beautiful" this video paints a visual and emotional picture of babies, both healthy and sick, of how much we love them and how important they are to us.

Saving Babies: The Fighting Spirit

With the courage of the March of Dimes founder President Franklin Roosevelt as a model, this video tries to capture the spirit of the March of Dimes by surveying March of Dimes accomplishments and programs.

Saving Babies: Through the Ages

This video uses archive paintings, photos and early motion pictures to trace the history of infant health from antiquity into the future with a focus on the important role that the March of Dimes has played in that history.

Saving Babies: Acts of Courage

This video was taped in NICU’s across the country. It shows how March of Dimes funded research saves babies lives and how it dramatically improves the quality of the life of babies and their families. The story is told by the neonatologists who not only provide care for the babies but also care about them deeply.

Saving Babies: Dreams Make Miracles

This video focuses on the dreams of scientists and how they shape the future of health care innovation.  Jonas Salk shares insights on how dreams shape the future and two researchers, one in basic science and one MD in clinical application, tell of their dreams for their own work.

Saving Babies: The Lessons of Brownsville

This video begins with the dramatization of a routine ultra sound when a pregnant woman finds out that her baby has a fatal birth defect, anencephaly. The video chronicles the March of Dimes leadership in the response to the Brownsville NTDs epidemic culminating in the passage of the Texas Birth Defects Surveillance Act.

Saving Babies: In Our Hands

Set in the Newborn Center, a 100 bed NICU in Memphis, TN, this video documents, in graphic and poignant detail, the birth of 4 premature babies and their subsequent treatment and struggle for life.  Shocking, compelling and heartwarming, it paints a vivid picture of the hazards of premature birth.

Saving Babies: The Rescue

This is the first in the Saving Babies series. Uses contemporary dramatic technique to portray the terror and helplessness that parents feel when their child is in peril. The raw emotion it evokes serves to focus attention on the vital needs for the work of the March of Dimes.

frank vitale is the director of the award winning audio-visual division of the March of Dimes Foundation

he produces corporate identity videos, fundraising videos and just completed the new pregnancy health educations series